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Relax, unwind and enjoy a luxurious massage

The most sensuous way to invigorate your mind and body 

Our cosy private massage rooms are a heavenly paradise where you can enjoy the atmosphere, float away and leave the stresses and strains of everyday life behind.
A professional massage at VIP Cosmetic Lounge is an amazing way to relieve stress, tension, stiffness and muscle pain. We promise you a blissful experience at every session where you’ll feel mentally and physically energised.

Deep tissue massage VIP Cosmetics Lounge Beauty Salon

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage offers superior physical and psychological benefits to help you unwind by treating muscle pain and stiffness.
Our skilled therapists will quickly identify problem areas where muscle cells and fibres are tight or knotted. The deep tissue massage techniques relieve tension, help you unwind, and improve blood flow to leave your muscles feeling lithe and supple.

Deep tissue massage VIP Cosmetics Lounge Beauty Salon

Swedish massage

Swedish massage alternates between mild, moderate and deeper strokes to focus on relaxation. Our therapists relieve tension using various techniques, including kneading, gliding, friction, and tapping. Your session promises to be a blissful experience where we’ll help to

    Ease back pain and muscular tension
    Improve alertness of the mind
    Reduce headaches
    Improve blood and oxygen supply throughout the body
    Create an overall sense of luxurious relaxation
    Boost the immune function 
Leg massage ankle and feet massages from VIP Cosmetic Lounge Bournemouth

Leg, foot and ankle massage

Reduce foot pain and muscle soreness with an invigorating leg, foot and ankle massage.

Feet are particularly sensitive to everyday pressure. Sore, aching feet can quickly lead to muscle tension in the ankles and legs, and even poor posture.

Yet a deeply relaxing massage can restore blood flow to your lower extremities and put the bounce back in your step. 

Relaxing Masseuse treatments with VIP Cosmetic Lounge Scalp Massage

Scalp massage

Relax, clear your mind and feel exhilarated with our detoxifying scalp massage.

It may only take 15 mins to perform, but in this short space of time, you’ll feel rejuvenated.

We’ll condition your scalp and dramatically improve the blood circulation in the head and neck to

    Help prevent flakes, and dry, itchy scalp
    Strengthen hair-roots and nourish hair-shafts
    Promote new hair growth
    Stimulate lymphatic drainage to detoxify the scalp.

Massage price list


  • Back


  • Bespoke full body


  • Leg, foot, ankle


  • Deep tissue full body 


  • Deep tissue (1 hour)


  • Appointment


Swedish style massage

  • Full body (1 hour)


  • Neck, back, shoulders (30 mins)


  • Leg, foot, ankle (25 mins)


  • Scalp massage (15 mins) 


  • Appointment



We are proud of our local community and keen to give a little help back. Please note: if you wish to claim a student, NHS or military personnel discount, a valid form of ID must be shown before your treatment starts.*


Get a 10% student discount on the production of a valid student card.*


Get a 20% NHS discount on the production of a valid NHS ID badge.*


Get a 20% HM Forces personnel discount on the production of valid military identification.*

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